Party Wall Surveying

The Party Wall etc. Act came into force in 1996 covering three distinct types of work- alterations to a shared (party) wall, the construction of new walls on the boundary, and excavation work close to neighbouring properties.

Where work falls within the scope of the Act it is necessary for a Building Owner to serve notice and obtain the affected Adjoining Owner’s consent. If that consent is not forthcoming the parties are deemed to be ‘in dispute’ under the Act and surveyors must be appointed so that the dispute can be resolved by way of a Party Wall Agreement, known as an ‘Award’.

RJA Consultants can act for both Building Owners and Adjoining Owners in respect of party wall matters.

Please note that our professional fees for acting as an Adjoining Owner’s Surveyor are almost always payable by the Building Owner.

In addition, RJA Consultants are experienced in providing Training & Seminars on the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

Services for Building Owners include:

  • Serving appropriate notices under the Act
  • Liaising with the Adjoining Owner’s Surveyor
  • Preparing the Schedule of Condition
  • Preparing and agreeing the Party Wall Award with the Adjoining Owner’s Surveyor
  • Attending to any matters during the works
  • Signing off the Award upon completion

Services for Adjoining Owners include:

  • Checking that notices have been served correctly
  • Agreeing the Schedule of Condition with the Building Owner’s Surveyor
  • Agreeing the Party Wall Award
  • Undertaking a final inspection to confirm if any damage has occurred
  • In the event that damage has occurred, we will agree with the Building Owner’s Surveyor the cost of any necessary repairs or compensation payment