Clerk of Works

We can provide a dedicated Clerk of Works service to the Client during the construction phase.

Our specialist Clerks of Works are expert quality inspectors and work closely with the contractor to ensure high standards of construction are maintained throughout the development process.

Our quality management system for Clerk of Works’ services targets zero defects at Practical Completion. The is one of the Key Performance Indicators that our COWs are assessed upon.

All COWs carry company iPads on which they can always access the most up to date drawings and specifications to ensure they are always checking the relevant information.

The COWs dictate all site meeting reports and download photos immediately following the site inspection. The information is collated in our office by the dedicated COW Administrator who then emails out the reports and snagging lists within 48 hours of the inspection at the very latest, usually within 24 hours.

This process allows the COWs to spend the majority of their time on site, inspecting quality and reviewing specifications and drawings rather than carrying out administrative duties.

It ensures that all identified defects are recorded and notified to the contractor promptly and that they are checked off on subsequent visits.

Clerk of Works Services include:

  • Initial feasibility studies
  • Regular inspections on site
  • Appraisal of progress against programme
  • Appraisal of construction quality
  • Review of compliance with drawings and specifications
  • Snagging inspections prior to completion
  • Back snagging inspections